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Funding opportunities, grants, and recognition awards.

music grants

May 03, 2021


Grants to Support Music Education Experiences with String Instruments

The Sharon Gewirtz Kids to Concerts fund supports string education by inspiring middle school string students through direct experience with accomplished classical musicians. Mentoring programs and high-level concert experiences are two examples.

equity grants

Apr 15, 2021


Grants That Promote Equitable and Inclusive Academic Opportunities

NWEA offers Educators for Equity Grants of up to $10,000 to foster growth for students who face systemic barriers to academic opportunities. Proposed programs should be equity-focused, evidence-based, culturally relevant to students served, and explicitly designed to improve academic opportunities and outcomes.

grants for underserved communities

Apr 15, 2021


Grants for Initiatives That Support Middle School Education

All Points North Foundation is considering grant requests ranging from $20,000 to $60,000 to prepare and retain middle school teachers in an ever-changing education climate and help students, especially those in underserved communities grow both academically and socially/emotionally.

prize for young leaders

Apr 01, 2021


Recognition of Youth Leaders Making a Positive Impact on the World

The Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes celebrates inspiring, public-spirited young people from diverse backgrounds all across North America. Fifteen top winners will each receive $10,000 to support their service work or higher education.

bill of rights institute

Apr 01, 2021


Essay Contest on the Relationship Between Equality and Justice

The Bill of Rights Institute is awarding $20,000 in scholarship prizes to 16 students in grades 8–12 (aged 14–19) who can explain, in 500 to 800 words, what they think the relationship is between Equality and Justice. To truly explore the question in the We the Students essay contest, students will need to go beyond “dictionary definitions” and express their understanding and reasoning about the connection between these two principles.


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