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Ethics framework for educators

Feb 17, 2020

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Balancing Caring for Students with Professional Distance

How can educators remain sensitive to students’ needs and protect themselves from risk when interacting with students, parents, and colleagues in complex situations? With the ProEthica program, educators have tools to develop decision-making skills based on open communications and a professional ethics framework. This self-paced, online program provides real-life scenarios of situations educators encounter to help develop awareness of professional risk, the value of subscribing to a code of professional ethics, and the power of collaborative decision-making. The ProEthica program helps build trust among colleagues while protecting the teaching profession and supporting the welfare and safety of students.


Feb 17, 2020


Design Challenge Encouraging Responsible Energy Use

The Clean Tech Competition is a worldwide research and design challenge for precollege youth. The program encourages scientific understanding of real-world issues and the integration of environmentally responsible energy sources.

Garden Grants

Sep 16, 2019


Grants to Create Sustainable Food Gardens

Annie’s Homegrown, Inc. offers grants to schools and educational programs to build an edible school garden (for example, growing fruits, vegetables, herbs, grains) in the United States. Two types of grants are available: Getting Started grants for a new garden program and Digging Deeper grants for already existing programs.

Salad bars for schools

Sep 05, 2019


Grants to Provide Healthful Eating Opportunities

The Salad Bars to Schools program donates salad bars to schools to increase access to fruit and vegetables for school children. The Chef Ann Foundation awards grants based on a formula that assesses readiness to implement and launch a salad bar lunch program and application date.

Music Mindfulness

Jun 17, 2019


Program Combining Mindfulness and Music

Imagine an entire school—students, teachers, and administrators—taking time each morning to turn inward together and listen to a brief mindfulness prompt and world-class music.


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