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Humanities projects as well as subjects; it can be K-12 or higher education and includes philosophy, literature, religion, arts, history, and language.

Student Protest Activism

Mar 15, 2018


Learning-Oriented Resources on Leading Change

Educators from Harvard University Graduate School of Education (HGSE), Massachusetts Institute of Technology Teaching Systems Lab, and the instructional design firm Fresh Cognate have created Youth in Front, a new hub of learning-oriented resources and multimedia assets for young activists and educators interested in making their voices heard—particularly those who are stepping into activism for the first time, as well as for educators who are responding to action in their schools and communities.

Database of Books, Historic Records, and Readers

Mar 01, 2018


Books Read by America’s Founders

City Readers is the New York Society Library’s database of historic records, books, and readers. The Library’s online visualization tools support the discovery and analysis of more than 100,000 biographic, bibliographic, and transaction data derived from digitized content from the Library’s archives.


Feb 22, 2018


Training in the Use of Philosophical Inquiry in the Multicultural Classroom

Philosophy for Children and P.E.A.C.E.” (P4C) is an free self-paced virtual course from the Department of Humanities and the Philosophy for Children Course at University of Naples, Federico II, and the PEACE project, which offers training in the use of philosophical inquiry in the curriculum to foster a cosmopolitan mindset in young people.


Feb 15, 2018


Game Encouraging Responsible Innovation

Students interested in science concepts such as robotics and bioengineering have a new, free online game at their disposal. Arizona State University researchers have released Frankenstein200, a game that uses Mary Shelley’s tale of scientific hubris to get children thinking about such ideas as robotics, bioengineering, and humans’ reasons for creating.

Mesopotamia App

Feb 01, 2018


First Writings of Civilization

The iPad app cdli tablet focuses on the cultural heritage of ancient Mesopotamia by combining text and images that span 3,500 years of human activity and describe the roots of trade, mathematics, and astronomy in ancient times. The app presents the historical relevance of selected texts and other significant developments in the history of humankind.

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