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Information Literacy

Accessing and evaluating information; using and managing information.

Civil War Telegrams

Feb 15, 2018


Instructional Modules Decoding the Civil War

President Abraham Lincoln was America’s first “technology” president. He used emerging telegraph technology in war, politics, and even his personal life. The Decoding the Civil War project at The Huntington Library is focused on using transcribed and decoded Civil War telegrams to engage new and younger audiences to spark their curiosity and develop new critical thinking skills.

Abraham Lincoln

Feb 15, 2018


Digital Collection of The Lincoln Papers

Abraham Lincoln’s papers from his time as a lawyer, congressman, and the sixteenth president are now online in full color in a new presentation after a multiyear digitization effort at the Library of Congress.

Yearlong Tech Check

Jan 05, 2018


Tech Check: A Yearlong Technology To-Do List

Editor’s note: Nicole Zumpano, Technology Coach at Coonley Elementary School, has already created her To-Do list for the year. Here is her schedule for 2018. We think you might find this helpful, too.

Grants for Education

Nov 30, 2017


Grants to Build 21st Century Skills

The Carnegie Corporation of New York provides grants for programs that promote more and better opportunities for US students to learn the skills they need in order to compete in a global economy. Areas of interest include adult literacy, arts, early childhood, ESL/bilingual/foreign language, general education, physical education/health, professional development, and reading.

Interactive 3D Art

Oct 16, 2017


3D Historical Artifacts in Virtual Reality

In 2015 The British Museum gave the world access to the Rosetta Stone, along with 4,700 other artifacts in the museum—but that access was only in 2D. Now the museum has published a 3D model of the Rosetta Stone and more than 200 other essential items in the museum’s collections.


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