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Sep 01, 2020


Back-to-School Routines and Activities for Remote or Hybrid Environments

Facing History and Ourselves is providing a back-to-school resource collection to help teachers lay the foundation of community and care with their students for the school year ahead.

20 percent off ebooks and audiobooks

Sep 01, 2020

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Back-to-School Offer of Affordable Library and Classroom Materials

Mackin offers the perfect solution for your distance, blended, or hybrid learning programs. No matter how you are going back to school, you can do it affordably with huge savings of up to 20 percent off publishers’ list prices on more than 150,000 preK–12 ebooks and audiobooks. For more than 35 years, Mackin has provided library and classroom materials for prekindergarten through grade 12. Mackin provides access to more than 18,000 publishers and a collection of nearly 3 million digital and printed titles. MackinVIA, a free, multiple award-winning digital content-management system, has been instrumental in assisting digital learning for tens of thousands of schools, and more than 9 million students worldwide, offering nearly 3 million preK–12 age-appropriate titles in ebook, audiobook, read-along, video, and database formats. This Back-to-School Sale offer ends September 30, 2020.

Jun 15, 2020


Stories of Slavery in the Colonial North

Produced by Historic Hudson Valley, People Not Property introduces students, teachers, and the interested public to the history of Northern enslavement, separate from the more familiar history of antebellum Southern slavery, by exploring history through personal stories.

Jun 15, 2020


Poems of Protest, Resistance, and Empowerment

Pithy and powerful, poetry is a popular art form at protests and rallies—from the civil rights movement to Black Lives Matter. The poems of protest, resistance, and empowerment on the Poetry Foundation’s website call out and talk back to the inhumane forces that threaten from above.

Jun 15, 2020


Poetry That Explores Social Conscience

Few American artists loom larger than Langston Hughes. He wrote novels, plays, short stories, films, librettos, children’s verse, newspaper columns, translations, and memoirs, and edited several important anthologies. But most of all, he remained a poet. From “Dreams” to “Let America Be America Again,” he explored social conscience and class difference with lyric beauty and music.


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