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Library Grants

Feb 22, 2018


Literacy Grants for Libraries

Better World Books is looking for libraries and nonprofit organizations with “Game Changing” ideas that help to advance a compelling literacy project. In addition to working with international nonprofit groups such as Room to Read and Books for Africa, Better World Books funds community-focused projects that have an impact at the local level.

Digital Storytelling Part 1

Dec 01, 2017


Digital Storytelling; 20 Revelations Part 1

In this blog, Jason Ohler discusses 20 revelations about digital storytelling. From simple storytelling technologies in the early days of smartphones to the plethora of information that is available today, he tells a story about the good and the bad, the new and the old, and how we continue learning to find our own narrative. This blog encompasses the first of his revelations.

Game to Learn Principals of Coding

Dec 01, 2017


Cross-Curricular Resource Presenting Coding Principles to Children

Designed by Primo in New Zealand, Cubetto offers a fun and engaging way for children to learn the principles of coding through a myriad of themes and subjects, including literacy, numeracy, math, and science. This friendly wooden robot encourages students to practice life skills, such as collaboration, through hands-on play and helps them to develop other important proficiencies, such as spatial awareness and storytelling.

Online Homework Support

Nov 15, 2017


Study and Research Boosters

World Book, Inc. has launched World Book World of Wisdom (WOW), where children aged 8–14 can go for fun learning, reading, and homework support. WOW is a child's individualized virtual play and learning space.

World War I

Nov 15, 2017


Artifacts and Events Related to the Great War

The Library of Congress is commemorating the 100th anniversary of the US entry into the Great War with exhibitions, lectures, symposia, film programs, recordings, publications, veterans’ stories, educational tools, and research guides to the Library’s World War I resources.


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