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Focus on mathematics, including STEM, STEAM, and engineering-related topics.

Computational Thinking

Nov 01, 2017


Strategies for Computational Problem Solving

Tata Consultancy Services and Discovery Education have launched Ignite My Future in School, an initiative to transform the way students across America learn through computational thinking, a foundational 21st century skill for successful careers in every sector. The journey into the world of transdisciplinary instruction and computational problem solving starts with the suite of professional development tools.

Athlete Mentors

Oct 19, 2017


Mentoring Experiences with Olympic and Paralympic Athletes

Classroom Champions brings Olympic and Paralympic athlete mentors to classrooms via video chats and social media. Students will be able to interact with athletes during live events to learn lessons on goal setting, perseverance, teamwork, and courage, among other skills.

Algebra App

Oct 02, 2017


Interactive, On-Demand Algebra Tutorials

Designed by Benciti Technology, the Algebra on Nudge app for iOS and Android presents interactive, on-demand algebra tutorials that include practice problems for students in grades 6–9 to attempt to solve on their mobile devices. The tutorials “nudge” students toward the solution to an algebra problem one step at a time.

OER Resources

Oct 02, 2017


Lesson Planning with IBM Watson

IBM’s famous Watson computing system is helping to power a searchable database of mathematics open educational resources (OERs) designed for K–5 teachers. The new tool, called Teacher Advisor With Watson 1.0, is open to the public after a lengthy beta-testing period that sought input from state education commissioners, teachers’ unions, school board associations, and more than 1,000 teachers.

Math Community

Oct 02, 2017


Blogosphere of Math Educators

The Global Math Department is a community of math teachers who communicate online via Twitter and blogs, so they use the nickname Math Twitter Blogosphere (MTBoS). Over time this diverse group of teachers (preservice to retired) has grown in number and scope of activities.

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