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Focus on mathematics, including STEM, STEAM, and engineering-related topics.

computer coding programming challenge

Apr 15, 2020


Online Programing Challenges for a Chance at a Career at Google

Google’s Kick Start challenge offers coders around the world the chance to develop and hone their programing skills through online-hosted competition rounds. The three-hour rounds feature a variety of algorithmic challenges, all developed by Google engineers so that students get a sense of the technical skills needed for a career at Google.

Apr 15, 2020


Online Challenges to Motivate Students to Excel in Math

When teachers sign up for the Online Math League (OML), their students gain access to practice materials designed to immediately challenge and motivate them to excel in math. Three times throughout the school year, students compete in challenging math contests against other students from around the world.

Mar 23, 2020


Comparing COVID-19 to Other Infectious Diseases

How deadly is the new coronavirus? And how does this pandemic compare to other infectious diseases? The New York Times Learning Network offers two classroom activities to help students apply media analysis techniques to the coronavirus outbreak.

videos for difficult math concepts

Mar 16, 2020


Inquiry-based Activities to Increase Students’ Math Understanding

Math educators worked with learning researchers and multimedia developers to create Math Snacks, an online platform that helps students in grades 4–8 work through difficult math concepts. Created in New Mexico State University’s Learning Games Lab, the free Math Snacks materials address critical content, including number sense, ratio, proportion, measurement, scale factor, and prealgebra.

K-8 online math program

Mar 16, 2020

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Digital Program to Develop Math Thinkers

DreamBox Learning Math is the only K–8 digital math program powered by students, built by and for educators, and independently proven to positively impact student achievement. DreamBox dynamically adapts and differentiates in real time based not only on students’ answers but also on how they solve problems. By continually supporting all students at their right level, DreamBox is a powerful partner in every classroom, school, and district.


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