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Media Literacy

Analyzing media and creating media products.

Consumer Literacy

Jun 01, 2017


Campaign to Raise Advertising Literacy

Admongo is a campaign of the Federal Trade Commission to raise advertising literacy among the nation’s tweens.

Digital Citizenship Series

May 19, 2017


Seven Strategies to Get Students Talking and Thinking About Digital Citizenship

One of the challenges of teaching digital citizenship is to get students comfortable openly thinking and talking about key issues. We know students are constantly facing issues and making choices in their online lives. Creating an environment where students are encouraged to discuss issues helps them think critically about the choices they're making online. Here are some strategies to start students thinking and talking about digital citizenship.

Social Media Echo Chamber

May 12, 2017


Opening Students’ Minds: How to Combat the Social Media Echo Chamber

Social media has undoubtedly expanded classroom walls, but has it also closed the minds of our students? The echo chamber effect suggests so-students want to hear what they think is the truth and search for others through social media who agree with them.

Changing the Narrative of Education

May 05, 2017


Changing the Narrative of Education

Classrooms aren't always represented accurately in the media. It is not uncommon for news outlets to highlight the latest teacher scandals but ignore the quality work the majority of teachers are doing. Popular television shows often show students seated neatly in rows, reading textbooks, and looking bored. Images of blackboards and chalk still abound when referencing education, yet the classrooms I see everyday are filled with the very opposite of these depictions.

Civil Rights Library

Apr 17, 2017


Civil Rights Digital Library

The Civil Rights Digital Library (CRDL), based at the University of Georgia, represents an ambitious and comprehensive effort to deliver educational content on the civil rights movement via the web. 


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