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Analyzing media and creating media products.

Earthrise Global Oneness

Oct 15, 2019


Student Multimedia Project on the Meaning of Global Citizenship

Global Oneness Project is sponsoring a student photography project inspired by the film Earthrise by Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee. “Document Your Place on the Planet” challenges students to take one photograph that captures their relationship and place on Earth.

New York Times Writing Prompts

Oct 15, 2019


Program Based on Real-World Writing

This school year, The New York Times is offering a free, flexible, seven-unit writing curriculum based on real-world genres found not just in The Times, but in all kinds of print and online sources. Woven into each unit are multiple opportunities for students to publish and have their writing read by authentic audiences.

New York Times Internet Search

Oct 01, 2019


Lesson on Becoming an Internet Detective Using Google

The questions and activities in a lesson from The New York Times Learning Network help students understand why and how to do better Google searches but also weave in ways to apply the information and practice on their own.

Online courses media ethics

Sep 16, 2019


Virtual Classes for Evaluating Media

NewseumED’s virtual classes bring the museum to your students. The classes are offered Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (ET). They are typically 30 to 50 minutes in length and can be adjusted to meet classroom schedules. Presently ten classes, along with training, are offered.

Money for classroom technology

Jun 17, 2019


Grants to Integrate Media in the Classroom

Fresh Films awards tech grants of $500 toward purchase of classroom technology (software, hardware, or supplies). All K-12 teachers and principals from any discipline who have a demonstrated need for technology are eligible to win a Fresh Films Tech Grant.


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