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Mobile Learning

Education, learning, and instruction conducted by means of portable computer devices such as smartphones or tablet computers; includes apps and tablet programs.

concentration app

Nov 01, 2019


Productivity App with Social Impact

Designed by SEEKRTECH CO. for iOS and Android devices, the Forest app encourages users to be productive by staying focused in their work and studies. Forest coaches users to “be present in their daily life,” whether they are teaching or learning in the classroom, studying in a library, engaging with friends, or involved in any other activities.

Storycorps story app

Nov 01, 2019


App to Facilitate an Intergenerational Project Over Thanksgiving

The Great Thanksgiving Listen is a national project that empowers young people to create an oral history of contemporary United States by recording an interview with an elder using the free StoryCorps app for iOS and Android devices.

Technology News App

Oct 15, 2019


Tappable Distillations of Tech News

Sip News by Product Hunt distills the day’s most important technology news into digestible snippets. The format is simple: each day’s headlines are condensed into slideshow stories, composed of quick-hitting explanations and commentary.

Art History App

Oct 15, 2019


Daily Dose of Art History

Do you want to know why Van Gogh cut off his ear? Or who the lady on Picasso’s portrait is? Or how Jackson Pollock created his paintings? DailyArt, a free app for iOS and Android by Moiseum, offers a daily dose of classic, modern, and contemporary art masterpieces.

Book App

Oct 01, 2019


Children’s Book Brought to Life

Storm Boy is an interactive adaptation of author Colin Thiele’s 1964 novel of the same name, a classic in its native Australia. Students can play Storm Boy the Game from Blowfish Studios on iOS or Android devices.


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