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Mobile Learning

Education, learning, and instruction conducted by means of portable computer devices such as smartphones or tablet computers; includes apps and tablet programs.

Oct 01, 2018


Strategic Vocabulary Game Making Morphology Fun

Touch Press’s Ink Blott Underground app for iOS is an engaging English language arts game for middle school students in which players dig through a series of crystal-filled caves and bring their vivid world back to life by using word parts to fix broken words and sentences.

3D Printing Making

Sep 17, 2018


App for Making 3D Models in Augmented Reality

The 3DBear AR app for iOS and Android makes it easy for students to create 3D models in augmented reality (AR), giving them an active role in the learning process. The app incorporates 21st century skills such as creative problem solving, project-based learning, and collaboration.

Sep 17, 2018


App Modeling Science Inquiry Skills

Photo Stuff with Ruff gets children exploring their surroundings, finding out what the objects in their world are made of, and learning STEAM skills, such as those related to materials science. The app is based on The Ruff Ruffman Show from PBS KIDS, which models science inquiry skills.

iOS app creator

Sep 17, 2018


Tool for Creating, Testing, and Sharing iOS Apps

Using a visual interface rather than a programming language, Lightwell lets students create real iOS apps that they can share with nearby devices or submit to the Apple App Store. Although Lightwell is a professional tool, students can use the software to create simple apps as they learn the programming language.

Sep 05, 2018


Hip-Hop Music That Makes Coursework Relatable

Studytracks is an award-winning innovation in education that takes the curriculum and puts it to music to drive engagement, retention, and achievement in and out of the classroom. The app was created in the UK by an award-winning songwriter and music producer who wanted to help his son learn physics.

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