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Mobile Learning

Education, learning, and instruction conducted by means of portable computer devices such as smartphones or tablet computers; includes apps and tablet programs.

Interactive science app

Aug 15, 2019


App That Lets Children Explore the World

How It Works? by Learny Land is an entertaining didactic app for iOS that gives children the opportunity to explore how the world works through animations, simple explanations, games, and locutions.

coding and crafting

Aug 01, 2019


App for Creating Imaginative Stories by Drawing and Coding

Codeable Crafts introduces children to coding and storytelling by combining simple crafting (crayons, stickers, cutout shapes) with visual block-based coding to create original stories. Children draw on animal templates, name their creatures, and then snap together a set of coding blocks, like puzzle pieces, to make a sequence of interactions.

3D model making app

Aug 01, 2019


App to Develop Children’s Creativity and Visualization Skills

The Blox 3D Junior app for iOS lets children aged 5 and older build and print 3D models in a simple and intuitive manner. Children can create beautiful objects using tap to create and double-tap to delete. They can export creations to a printable file via email and 3D-print them for real-world results.

Augmented Reality Moon

Aug 01, 2019


AR App That Takes a “Giant Leap” into Space

The JFK Moonshot app is an epic retelling and recreation of the Apollo 11 mission and its connection to President John F. Kennedy. Using the latest in augmented reality (AR) teaching, the app immerses users into 1969 with a full-scale recreation of the Saturn V rocket and a five-day real-time tracking simulation of the mission and moon landing.

Game Based Learning Literacy

Jun 17, 2019


Story-based Game on the Aftermath of a Hurricane

Community in Crisis is a story-based literacy game in which students take on the role of director of a community center dealing with the aftermath of a hurricane. In that role, students will need to work with their staff to prioritize relief efforts to best serve individuals and the community as a whole.


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