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Mobile Learning

Education, learning, and instruction conducted by means of portable computer devices such as smartphones or tablet computers; includes apps and tablet programs.

Download a FREE ABA App for Children with Autism!

Oct 22, 2015

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FREE ABA App for Children with Autism

Individuals with autism have unique learning challenges, requiring special teaching materials. Children often struggle to select which information is important in a picture. A picture of an apple on a plate may illicit “plate” instead of “apple.” Or they may identify the red apple, but not the green apple. Stages Learning Materials’ products specifically meet the special criteria of early autism education programs. Stages now offers Language Builder® iPad, based on their industry-leading picture card set. Used by BCBAs, SLPs, teachers, and parents, the full app includes six highly customizable ABA-based activities. A free version of the app provides full access to two of the six activities: Identical and Similar Matching.

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PBS K-12 App

Oct 15, 2015


Watch and Learn with the Touch of a Finger

Students can now access PBS and PBS KIDS learning resources on tablets through the official PBS Student app, available for free for the iPad.

Stories from Youth Around the World

Oct 01, 2015


Put the World in Children’s Hands

One Globe Kids lets students meet new friends online or on their iPad or iPhone. The free Globe Smart Education app presents memorable daily-life stories from youth around the world to help children in kindergarten through grade 5 gain cultural understanding, learn about other countries, and make comparisons to their own lives.

Virtual Field Trips

Oct 01, 2015


Travel the World from the Classroom

With today’s connected classrooms, field trips aren’t limited to your county, your state, or even your country. Students are taking virtual field trips to some of the world’s most amazing locales with experts as their guides, thanks to Skype.

Create Online Classrooms

Oct 01, 2015


Intervene When It Matters

Formative provides a place for teachers to create online classrooms, which students can join by entering the assigned class code after registering on the Formative website. After establishing the classroom, teachers can begin distributing assignments to students

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