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Education, learning, and instruction conducted by means of portable computer devices such as smartphones or tablet computers; includes apps and tablet programs.

Create Your Own Custom Bingo Game

Mar 17, 2016

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Customized Bingo Cards for Visual Learning

Many children with special needs, such as children with autism, are strong visual learners. They also are more successful learners when learning tools are customized for their specific interests. Stages Learning Materials has designed a new Bingo Card Generator that creates Bingo cards with true-to-life photographs teachers can select for individual students or classrooms. Stages Learning follows research-based best practices in designing cards to help students develop practical language skills. In just seconds, teachers can use the simple online wizard to select the number of rows and columns, as well as the pictures to include. Teachers can print cards for an entire class for just pennies a card.

Click Here to Try the Bingo Card Generator 

Navigating Day-to-Day Life

Mar 17, 2016


Village Voices

One of the things families of autistic children need most is help navigating the complexities of day-to-day life.

National Deaf History Month

Mar 17, 2016


Glimpses into Deaf History

National Deaf History Month, March 13 to April 15, celebrates deaf history and fosters awareness of American deaf culture. Among other things, Deaf History Month promotes the contributions of individual deaf Americans to US society.

Games Teaching Social SKills

Mar 17, 2016


Eye Speak

Anecdotal evidence suggests that children with autism spectrum disorder may find eye contact difficult when engaging with a communication partner, as processing speech and facial expression at the same time results in sensory overload.

Books for Visually Impaired Children

Mar 17, 2016


A Picture Worth a Thousand Words

A team from the University of Colorado Boulder has used 3D printing to create tactile versions of famous books for visually impaired children. A computer science professor at the university started the Tactile Picture Books Project to create customized solutions for young readers whose needs aren’t met by conventional publishing methods.


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