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Mobile Learning

Education, learning, and instruction conducted by means of portable computer devices such as smartphones or tablet computers; includes apps and tablet programs.

Virtual Reality Calculus App

Jan 03, 2020


Virtual Reality App for Visualizing Calculus Concepts

Calculus in Virtual Reality (CalcVR), an app for iOS, uses a Google Cardboard headset to enable the user to visualize concepts in multivariable calculus within a virtual reality setting. Users can specify their own objects for visualization, as well as go through lessons on the geometry and calculus of multivariable functions and the corresponding surfaces.

VR Biology Anatomy

Dec 02, 2019


Virtual Reality Journey Through a Human Cell

The Body VR lets users experience the wonders of the human body and its billions of living cells. Users travel through the bloodstream and learn everything there is to know about how blood cells work to spread oxygen through the human body. They also learn how the body reacts when it is faced with deadly viruses.

Physics app for children

Dec 02, 2019


Problem-Solving App Introducing Simple Machines and Mechanical Motion

Crazy Gears from Edoki Academy gets children to think critically and explore physics and other STEM topics. This puzzle-like app for iOS asks students to construct gears to find a way to “pull themselves to the next level.”

ABCs from Space NASA Google Earth

Nov 15, 2019


Google Earth Virtual Tour of Locations Forming an Alphabet

One of the most intriguing virtual tours on Google Earth is Reading the ABCs from Space. Developed by NASA, this tour is comprised of 26 chapters that reveal locations that form an alphabet, such as a coral reef in the shape of a “J” or the intersection of two lakes that resembles a “V.”

 citizen scientist ecology app

Nov 15, 2019


Image-Sharing App for Identifying Plant Species

Pl@ntNet allows users of iOS and Android devices to identify plants simply by photographing them with their smartphones. Pl@ntNet is also a citizen-science project: all the plants that users photograph are collected and analyzed by scientists around the world to better understand the evolution of plant biodiversity and better preserve it.


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