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Mobile Learning

Education, learning, and instruction conducted by means of portable computer devices such as smartphones or tablet computers; includes apps and tablet programs.

robotics app

Mar 16, 2020


App Exploring Innovations in Robotics

iRobot is helping to drive STEM education programs in the iRobot Cool Stuff Museum, where students can explore the building blocks of the world’s coolest robots. A free iOS or Android app from Cuseum takes students on a tour of the museum, providing an opportunity to learn about iRobot’s rich history in robotics and gain inspiration.

Augmented Reality Geometry App

Mar 02, 2020


App Enhancing Spatial Visualization with Augmented Reality

The CleverBooks app offers an innovative and exciting way for children aged 7–11 to learn geometry through visualization and interaction. The program is easily launched on an iOS or Android tablet or mobile phone.

Robotics app

Mar 02, 2020


App Exploring the Design Process of Robotics Engineering

Softecks’ Robotics Engineering app for Android provides the basic knowhow on the foundations of robotics: modeling, planning, and control. The app takes the user through a step-by step design process in this rapidly advancing specialty area of robot design.

Feb 17, 2020


Virtual Reality App Immersing Students in Chemistry Processes

MEL Chemistry is a course of lessons in virtual reality that turns studying into an engaging process for learning about the rudiments of chemistry.

augmented reality artifiacts

Feb 17, 2020


Augmented Reality App Exploring Artifacts from Around the World

Civilisations AR, an iOS app from the BBC, gives students an unprecedented look at 30 artifacts from around the globe—for example, the Rosetta Stone from the British Museum; an Egyptian mummy from the Torquay Museum in Devon, England; and Rodin’s The Kiss from the National Museum of Wales.


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