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Grants for Stringed Instruments

May 15, 2019


Matching Grants for Stringed Instruments

Classics for Kids Foundation works to empower young people to shape positive futures through music, build sustainable stringed instrument music programs, and provide grants for high-quality instruments. The foundation offers matching grants whereby schools and nonprofit organizations raise at least half the funds to purchase the requested number of instruments, using a provider authorized by the foundation or, after discussion with the foundation, an alternate provider of instruments of similar quality.

May 15, 2019


Grants for Fostering Global Perspectives

The Longview Foundation funds projects that directly support fostering global perspectives in K–12 teachers and students. The Internationalizing Teacher Preparation program focuses on preparing future teachers, implementing promising practices for internationalizing the education of all preservice teachers, and increasing the number of world language teachers, especially in less commonly taught languages.

Music Educator Award

Feb 15, 2019


Music Education Award

The GRAMMY Foundation’s Music Educator Award shines a spotlight on the excellent and impactful work being done by thousands of music teachers across the United States. To be eligible for the award, educators must teach music fulltime in public or private schools, kindergarten through college.

Jan 03, 2019


Culturally Responsive Learning Experiences Through a Music Lens

Steven Van Zandt—the musician, actor, and music and theater producer—is the force behind an education project that uses the history of rock music as a way of teaching US history and culture. Students learn US history through a musical lens with the help of lessons created by historians and curriculum experts that are interdisciplinary and available online for free.

Teach math with music.

Oct 15, 2018


Grants for Using Music to Teach Mathematics

The Esther Mendlesohn Fund of the Mathematics Education Trust and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) are sponsoring Using Music to Teach Mathematics Grants for educators who are members of NCTE and are interested in incorporating music into the elementary school classroom to help young students (preK–grade 2) learn mathematics.


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