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Professional Growth opportunities for teachers, administrators, and educators.

Learn how to prepare students for the 21st century.

Jan 15, 2020

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Harvard Institute with Jal Mehta and Alisa Berger

Experience and learn how to create the conditions for deep and powerful learning that prepares all students for the demands of the 21st century. 

In Deeper Learning for All, participants will rethink old paradigms and consider what it will take to design a new 21st-century system that promotes deeper, more engaging instruction for all students. They will look at the conditions educators need to generate deeper learning in classrooms and the changes required at all levels of the system to make such learning possible.

Conference for Learning, Teaching, & Leading

Jan 15, 2020

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Zero in on the Best Innovative K–12 Learning Event for Teachers

Award-winning and innovative, ASCD’s EMPOWER places your professional development at the forefront of its whole child focus. EMPOWER is ASCD’s annual and highly acclaimed professional development conference for all K–12 educators. Explore vibrant sessions taught by education authors and thought leaders who are redefining instructional approaches and mindsets. You will find sessions covering access, assessment, equity, literacy, STEM, Differentiation, Coherence, Design Thinking, Social–Emotional Learning, trauma-informed practices, Restorative Justice, Growth Mindsets, and much more.

Jan 10, 2020


To Lead Others and to Be Led…

Merriam-Webster defines “mentor” as “a trusted counselor or guide.” The actual origin of the word dates back to the end of the eighth century when Homer wrote The Odyssey. Mentor was a trusted friend of Homer and he stayed behind during war to watch over Odysseus’ son. The word was then adapted to mean “someone who teaches or gives help and advice.”

Masters of Education in Learning and Technology

Jan 03, 2020

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Earn a Truly Tech-Savvy MEd Online

It’s in your nature to improve education at every level. It’s in ours too. That’s why Western Governors University (WGU) offers an accessible and respected online MEd program in Learning and Technology. What could an MEd do for you? Learn how to better integrate innovative technology into classroom curriculum. Improve your instructional skills. Enhance your own career development—all while you’re making education even more impactful for your students. Here’s what you can expect from WGU:

  • Affordable tuition. Low, flat-rate tuition is under $6,500 per year, about half of what you’d pay at other online universities.
  • Accredited programs. WGU holds the highest accreditation recognized by the US Department of Education.
  • Accelerated progress. WGU’s competency-based education model means you can move through coursework as quickly as you demonstrate mastery of the material.
  • Elevated Curriculum. Study instructional design, research fundamentals, and technology integration.

teaching about refugees

Jan 03, 2020


Guidance on Including Refugees in the Classroom

A website of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Teaching About Refugees presents free and adaptable teaching materials on refugees, asylum, migration, and statelessness, as well as a section dedicated to professional development and guidance for elementary and secondary school teachers on including refugee children in their classes.


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