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Professional Growth opportunities for teachers, administrators, and educators.

social emotional learning

Jan 03, 2020


Professional Growth Model Inspired by Mr. Rogers

Simple Interactions, a project of the Fred Rogers Center in partnership with researchers at Harvard University and University of Pittsburgh, has been adopted by schools, afterschool and summer programs, and other organizations for children in 35 states and several countries, including in China, Canada, and Scotland. Under the program, educators’ interactions with children are filmed to help strengthen relationships and educators’ professional growth.

global solar projects

Jan 03, 2020


Program Linking Practical Engineering Skills with Global Humanitarian Service

We Share Solar empowers students to be global changemakers. By combining solar energy and engineering education with real-world applicability, trained teachers cultivate students’ interests in STEM subjects and inspire them to meet an immediate need in the developing world.

Jan 03, 2020


Educators of America MicroGrant Program

Outfitting a school or classroom with the correct technology resource can further the reach of teachers, enhance the skills of students, and create endless opportunities of education methods. Educators of America are driven to not only supply teachers and educators with the classroom technology they need but also train them to use it in the most effective ways possible.

Dec 02, 2019


Research Findings on the “Why” of Bullying

Bullying behavior often emerges in childhood, and the consequences for victims can last a lifetime, but what makes a child become a bully? Researchers have continued to consider the reasons children bully their peers, increasingly finding that more than one type of bully exists.

Bestselling professional resources from Scholastic Education

Dec 02, 2019

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