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Professional Growth opportunities for teachers, administrators, and educators.

Critical learning and development

Aug 15, 2019


SPOTLIGHT! On Executive Function and Self-Regulation

Executive function and self-regulation (EF/SR) skills provide critical supports for learning and development, and while we aren’t born with these skills, we are born with the potential to develop them through interactions and practice.

Enhancing and Practicing Executive Function Skills with Children from Infancy to Adolescence is a 16-page guide provided as a free download by the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University.

podcast on how children learn

Aug 15, 2019


Podcast Exploring Innovations in Education

The MindShift podcast investigates innovations and issues that are shaping how children learn. Topics include “How Teachers Designed a School Centered On Caring Relationships,” “Why Ninth Grade Can Be a Big Shock For High School Students,” and “Overcoming Childhood Trauma: How Parents and Schools Work to Stop the Cycle.”

professional development from teachers of the year

Aug 01, 2019


National Network of Award-Winning Teachers

The National Network of State Teachers of the Year (NNSTOY) is a nonprofit organization committed to serving State Teachers of the Year (STOYs) by empowering them to further great teaching and strengthen student learning. NNSTOY YouTube channel offers several free video professional development resources and recordings on how to create a culture, lessons, and instructional practices that will lead to improved student performance.

Harvard online professional development

Aug 01, 2019


Online Workshop on Redesigning Education

What type of learning system do educators need to deliver 21st-century outcomes for all students? Education Redesign is an online professional development program for school leaders, education policymakers, K–12 teachers, and others committed to helping all students achieve success.

Advance Your Education Career

Aug 01, 2019

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Career Advancement in the Education Profession

Waldorf University offers one of the most affordable ways to earn your Master’s in Education online. With two concentrations available, Waldorf’s graduate programs provide the foundation for your career advancement.

* The Master of Education degree with a concentration in leadership will assist you in developing leadership skills, fostering community relations, and maximizing classroom management. This degree is perfect for current educators interested in pursuing careers such as a testing coordinator, lead teacher, corporate trainer, or general educational leader.

* The Master of Education degree with a concentration in teaching and learning provides the platform to assist you in bolstering teaching effectiveness and embracing student-centered instruction. Graduates are prepared to pursue careers such as a community education coordinator, lead teacher, or curriculum specialist.

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