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Professional Growth opportunities for teachers, administrators, and educators.

Learn new topics from leading experts through online courses on MasterClass.

Jun 01, 2018


Online Classes from Masters in Their Fields

Teachers and students can learn something new everyday from more than 35 of the world’s greatest minds in MasterClass, an instructional website where artists share insights about their craft. The digestible, 10-minute online lessons are accessible on any device at anytime.

Librarians and educators learn how to create and implement maker spaces in schools with an online course.

May 15, 2018


Multifaceted Online Maker Program

The Library Journals Maker Workshop is a two-week online course designed for librarians and educators interested in overseeing or developing maker-oriented programming for the library. The course content will be relevant to librarians in schools or public libraries who serve various age groups and demographics.

May 15, 2018


Bring Your Classroom to Life with Technology

The University of Alabama offers an MA in Instructional Technology that can be earned completely online to help educators integrate innovative tech strategies into their curriculum. With a focus on theory and research, the coursework will enhance educators’ understanding of how to implement emerging technologies and create a better educational experience for their students. The knowledge they gain will prepare them to design learning solutions across a variety of platforms. This degree can help advance educators’ careers and increase their effectiveness at reaching today’s students.

Inquiry-Based Science Helps Students Develop English Language Skills

May 01, 2018


Inquiry-based Approaches to Science Teaching

The Institute for Inquiry (IFI) is a professional development program provided by the Exploratorium in San Francisco. IFI has created an online curriculum for professional developers that addresses the theory and practice of inquiry-based science education.

May 01, 2018


Bring Learning to Life!

The University of Alabama’s College of Education offers an MA in Instructional Technology to help educators empower their teaching and engage their students through technology. Since coursework is completely online, educators can pursue this degree while continuing to work full time. They will gain the confidence and expertise they need to effectively develop, implement, and evaluate the use of the newest tech strategies to create a better learning experience for their students.

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