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English language arts.

Writing Contest on Real-World Issues

Dec 02, 2019


Write for Rights Project

Write for Rights introduces students to human rights by writing letters to help 10 real young people around the world who are at risk just for their peaceful human rights activism. By participating in Write for Rights, students develop effective writing skills and experience firsthand the power of their words to make a difference.

Dec 02, 2019


Competition Fostering Mathematical Problem Solving and Technical Writing Skills

The USA Mathematical Talent Search (USAMTS) is a free mathematics competition open to all US middle school and high school students. Unlike most mathematics competitions, the USAMTS allows students a full month, or more, to work out their solutions.

Writing Contest on American Stories

Dec 02, 2019


50 States, 1 Nation Contest

As part of its 25th anniversary celebration, the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History has announced the 50 States, 1 Nation Contest, a new essay competition for elementary school students in the 2019–2020 school year. The goal of this new contest is to help expand students’ understanding of how their families, towns, and states connect with one another and with American history.

Nov 22, 2019


How to Use Storytelling to Inspire Epic Learning in Your Classroom

How many times have you listened to a lecture, memorized the information, and passed the exam only to be unable to recall most of what you learned just weeks later? How many times have you read a powerful story or watched a movie and been able to recall the plot years later? Information presented in a story doesn’t fade away after it’s been used; it sticks in the mind, ready to be accessed and used at any time.

Storycorps story app

Nov 01, 2019


App to Facilitate an Intergenerational Project Over Thanksgiving

The Great Thanksgiving Listen is a national project that empowers young people to create an oral history of contemporary United States by recording an interview with an elder using the free StoryCorps app for iOS and Android devices.


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