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Includes sciences such as earth and life sciences, ecology, and computer sciences.

Mar 01, 2019


Grant to Enhance Students’ Interest in Chemistry

Since 2008 more than 600 high school chemistry teachers have received ACS–Hach High School Chemistry Classroom Grants from the American Chemical Society to support ideas that enhance classroom learning, foster student development, and reveal the wonders of chemistry.

Forensics Chemistry Gamification

Feb 15, 2019


Game Using Chemistry Concepts to Solve a Forensics Case

ChemCollective’s free Mixed Reception game is set in a research group that is developing an antivenom for spider bites. In the opening scene, Nelson Pogline, a talented graduate student, dies unexpectedly at a university reception. In their role as detectives, students must use chemistry concepts to determine if he was murdered, and if so, to solve the case.

Nominate a Math or Science Teacher

Feb 15, 2019


Nominate a Teacher for a Presidential Award

Since 1983 the Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching (PAEMST) have been recognizing excellent educators spanning all corners of the country from one-room schoolhouses in rural Montana to large school systems in the heart of New York City.

Augmented Reality Animal App

Feb 15, 2019


Magical Windows to a 3D Animal World

Alive Studios Rugs alive are colorful classroom rugs that come to life with the free Rugs alive app for iOS and Android devices. Students can learn about the world’s animal habitats, explore 26 animals in 3D, take fun photos with their favorite animal, brush up on uppercase and lowercase letters, and more.

Science Simulation Lab Online

Feb 15, 2019


Virtual Science Labs, Anytime, Anywhere

Steven Wang got into the tech field about seven years ago—as a pre-adolescent. Now, at 17, he has a concrete vision for how he wants to use technology to transform the learning experiences of students all over the world. He is CEO and cofounder of a startup company called Realism that offers virtual labs in physics, chemistry, and biology.

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