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Includes sciences such as earth and life sciences, ecology, and computer sciences.

Apr 15, 2020


Human Anatomy Lesson for Children in Augmented Reality

Finding an age-appropriate resource to explore the human body can be challenging, especially when the learning is in 3D. The MERGE Mr. Body anatomy experience is well suited to young students as they rotate the cartoon character while examining and interacting with specific body systems and parts, such as the heart, lung, liver, and brain.

Apr 15, 2020


Hands-on At-Home Science Activities

The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago builds bridges between youth and science, both inside and outside the classroom. On the museum’s Science at Home website, children can keep learning in place and at their own pace with science activities and topics they can access anytime.   

STEM and ELL students

Mar 16, 2020


SPOTLIGHT! On Equitable Access to Science Materials

Building Science Literacy with Technology
Nationally, English learners (ELs) make up nearly 10 percent of preK–12 classrooms and almost 15 percent of urban classrooms, and these numbers are on the rise, according to research by the National Center for Education Statistics. Many supports are available for ELs, but the elementary science materials available are disproportionately directed toward grade-level readers. How can educators make access to science more equitable?

STEM resources

Feb 17, 2020


Innovative Activities to Integrate into a STEM Program

Based in Australia, Fizzics Education hosts more than 150 free resources, including science activities and experiments, and podcasts with teaching ideas. For example, in a November 2019 podcast, two educators describe how they help their learners understand STEM from the early years and onward.

Feb 17, 2020


Interactive Pictorial Periodic Table

The Interactive Periodic Table of the Elements, in Pictures and Words provides chemistry students of all ages and levels with instant facts about each of the elements it illustrates. When students click on Palladium, for example, they will learn about the element’s role in pollution control.


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