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Social-Emotional Learning

The application of skills to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.

library of congress collect stories of the pandemic

May 15, 2020


Platform for Sharing Moments Connecting with Loved Ones

In this historic pandemic, when people across the country are feeling alone, one meaningful conversation can make all the difference. The StoryCorps Connect platform enables anyone to remotely record a StoryCorps interview with a loved one using videoconferencing technology. The audio and a still photo from each interview will be preserved in the Library of Congress.

etiquette tips for the internet

May 15, 2020


Web Tool That Encourages Humane Digital Interactions

The Small Online Kindness (SOK) Generator is a web tool that encourages educators to consider how to best express the kindest and most empathetic intention when they communicate remotely with another person.

Supporting students in the time of COVID-19.

May 08, 2020


Meeting Students’ Needs Amidst COVID-19

I began my education career in 1985 and I am not at all sure anything could have prepared me, or anyone, for educating under our current mandatory stay-at-home conditions. 

Funding for COVID-19 related issues

May 01, 2020


Coronavirus Relief Grants

As the pandemic unfolds, more and more funding needs are arising for schools, educators, and communities. Community foundations and companies are stepping up to fund these needs. Here are just a few of the grant opportunities that are available to schools and educational organizations in need:

Remote learning resources.

May 01, 2020


Remote Teaching Strategies to Sustain Student-Centered Learning

Facing History and Ourselves supports teachers and students in making sense of the rapidly evolving circumstances around the novel coronavirus and in effectively using whatever educational “class time” they have together. Teachers can view three on-demand webinar series in which they will explore remote teaching strategies and approaches to creating community and sustaining student-centered learning in a digital environment.


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