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Augmented Reality Twitter Chat

May 01, 2019


Conversations on Use of Immersive Technology in the Classroom

#ARVRinEDU Twitter chat, which occurs every Wednesday evening at 8 p.m. (CT), discusses the latest tools and connects with innovators who can provide support and encouragement to educators starting to use immersive technology in their classrooms.

communication app

Apr 01, 2019


Platform Connecting Refugees and Students in Conversations

NaTakallam (Arabic for “we speak”) connects displaced persons with learners all over the world who want to practice their language skills or find out more about a different culture, and then compensates them for their work. NaTakallam was founded in 2015 when a Lebanese American graduate student at Columbia University was struggling to find someone with whom she could practice her conversational Arabic.

New App Augmented Reality AR

Apr 01, 2019


Community-Driven News Platform

The Quartz app delivers the news as a text- and emoji-filled chat. Headlines from Quartz and other publications are displayed one at a time as text bubbles.

Mar 01, 2019


Online Course Focusing on News Literacy Skills

Founded in 2008, the News Literacy Project (NLP) helps students and teachers discern fact from fiction in the digital age. In May 2016, the project launched Checkology, an online interactive course that helps students understand and appreciate the role of the press, introduces them to different types of news—from entertainment to opinion to branded content—and teaches them the critical thinking skills they’ll need to spot misinformation.

Social-Emotional Learning in the Classroom

Feb 22, 2019


Our Students are Watching: Embracing SEL in the Classroom

A year ago, I boarded an airplane and took my window seat next to a middle school girl and her mom. We were about to take off and travel the length of the country when I heard delighted laughter coming from my row mates. Of course, I wanted to know what was so funny, so I listened a little closer, which is not hard when you are seated on a crowded airplane.


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