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NPR Podcasts for Children

May 15, 2017


Children’s Podcast on the Wonders of Science and Technology

NPR has announced the launch of Wow in the World, a new podcast for children aged 5–12 that illuminates the wonders of science, technology, discovery, and inventions.

Generate Social Media Content

May 15, 2017


Tools for Generating Social Media Content

Adobe Post is a new tool specifically designed to generate friendly social media content. Post is part of a larger suite of tools called Adobe Spark.

Social Media Echo Chamber

May 12, 2017


Opening Students’ Minds: How to Combat the Social Media Echo Chamber

Social media has undoubtedly expanded classroom walls, but has it also closed the minds of our students? The echo chamber effect suggests so-students want to hear what they think is the truth and search for others through social media who agree with them.

Changing the Narrative of Education

May 05, 2017


Changing the Narrative of Education

Classrooms aren't always represented accurately in the media. It is not uncommon for news outlets to highlight the latest teacher scandals but ignore the quality work the majority of teachers are doing. Popular television shows often show students seated neatly in rows, reading textbooks, and looking bored. Images of blackboards and chalk still abound when referencing education, yet the classrooms I see everyday are filled with the very opposite of these depictions.

Vlog Books

May 01, 2017


Vblog Promoting Student Voice and Audience

Olivia Van Ledtje may only be nine years old, but already she has a global following. She loves to read, and she records a video blog called LivBits in which she shares information about the books she has read, as well as her observations about life in general.


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