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Social Media literacy, online communication, and online safety.

Socialo Media in the Classroom Webinar

Sep 16, 2016


Webinar on Bringing Social Media into the Classroom

From 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. (ET) on October 5, 2016, the Amazing Resources for Educators community on will be hosting a webinar titled “Bring Social Media into the Classroom.”

Social Connections for Language Learning

Sep 13, 2016


Social Connections for Language Learning is a social networking website that allows language learners to connect and help one another learn their respective languages. For example, a native English speaker who wants to learn Spanish can do activities in Spanish and receive feedback from native Spanish speakers who, in turn, are learning English and want feedback from native English speakers.

Mind Mapping Tool

Sep 01, 2016


Mind-Mapping Tool for Collaborative Engagement

With MindMeister, students can brainstorm ideas, work together to develop them, and then share and present their thinking in visual form. This collaborative mind-mapping tool from MeisterLabs helps students make visual connections to the information they’re learning.

Collaboprative Music Making Studio

Sep 01, 2016


Collaborative Music Making Studio

Students can jam with friends and band members using Soundtrap—a free online collaborative music and audio recording studio. To make music online, students have the options of plugging in their own instrument, using the software instruments available in Soundtrap, or recording a song directly with their computer’s microphone.

Learn to Code

Aug 01, 2016


Learn-to-Code Program

Vidcode is aimed at teenage girls who are often left out in coding and computer programming technology. This tool puts together creativity, social media, and self-expression, allowing students to upload photos and videos and turn them into music videos, memes, and animations.


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