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Social Media literacy, online communication, and online safety.

Students present their work through online presentations for the Share Your Learning project by Deeper Learning.

Jun 15, 2018


Public Presentations of Student Learning

A project of Deeper Learning, the Share Your Learning campaign highlights the value of having students present their work to authentic audiences. In sharing their stories of learning, students reflect on their growth and engage in real dialogue with others about their accomplishments and their futures. To get started, teachers can sign up to join a community of educators encouraging students to produce meaningful work for an authentic audience.

Facebook's Youth Portal is a resource for kids and teens to learn online safety and digital creativity.

Jun 01, 2018


Portal for Deepening Youth Connections

Facebook has released a new Youth Portal in 60 languages, which offers some guidance to teens on how to navigate the service and stay secure, while helping them understand how their data are used.

Teach students digital storytelling and multimedia skills through Voices of Youth's online filmmaking workshops.

Jun 01, 2018


Tools for Sharpening Multimedia Skills

Voices of Youth (VOY) is all about blogging, filming, interviewing, and storytelling. On the VOY website, students will find easy-to-use resources that can help them to sharpen their multimedia skills. These tools are meant for young people who enjoy expressing themselves through media but feel they can still improve their skills.

Out of Eden Social Media Platform for Kids Focuses on Sharing Stories of Diversity Across the Globe

May 01, 2018


Program Promoting Local and Global Storytelling

Out of Eden is a free online program for students aged 3–19 that has served more than 20,000 students in 57 countries. On Out of Eden Learn’s social media platform, students of similar ages from diverse geographical and socioeconomic settings come together for collective learning experiences.

Design Squad Global Features Challenges, Videos, and Activities that Encourage Students to Learn About Engineering

May 01, 2018


Real-World Engineering Challenges

PBS Kids Design Squad Global empowers middle school students to solve real-world problems and understand the impact of engineering in a global context. The site is refreshed weekly with challenges, videos, and activities.

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