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Jan 15, 2021


Sharing Thoughts and Emotions in Reaction to Current Events

A lesson from the Mikva Challenge program about the attack on the US Capitol offers ways educators can provide students opportunities to share their reactions, thoughts, and emotions about the events of January 6 in Washington, DC.

Nov 16, 2020


Framework for Teaching the Historical Significance of Slavery in America

Teaching Tolerance has developed Teaching Hard History, a comprehensive guide for teaching and learning at all grade levels about the role slavery played in the development of the United States and how its legacies still influence us today.

Nov 16, 2020


American Indian Perspective on the “First Thanksgiving”

Each November educators across the country teach their students about the First Thanksgiving, a quintessentially American holiday. The Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian has designed a poster to encourage teaching about Thanksgiving in a new way—one that recognizes the country’s original people.

Nov 16, 2020


Game Using Music, History, and a Strong Storyline to Explore Asian Cultures

Developed by Boston Children’s Museum, the League of Extraordinary Bloggers is part of The Freeman Foundation Asian Culture Exhibit Series, administered by the Association of Children’s Museums. In the game, a criminal mastermind known as the FOX has been stealing important cultural landmarks and objects all across China, Japan, South Korea, and Vietnam. Working together, students will learn about Asia and assemble clues from each country to track down this criminal mastermind.

Online Collaboration

Nov 13, 2020


Collaboration Strategies That Work Online…

Collaboration online can be daunting, especially when you are tasked with learning how to use new technology tools while at the same time continuing to support student learning, safety and well-being. But there are effective ways to bring some of the more traditional strategies you may be familiar with to the online classroom…


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