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economic resources

May 03, 2021


Economics Resources for Flipping the Classroom

Econ Lowdown is an award-winning platform with online resources from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. The free teacher portal, accessed by educators in nearly 100 countries, regions, and territories, provides K–12 resources that integrate with Canvas by Instructure.

medieval art

May 03, 2021


Virtual Visit to a Museum of Medieval Art

Museum lovers will find The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s second location—The Met Cloisters atop a hill in the northern tip of Manhattan, at the end of long, winding wooded pathways, with stunning views across the Hudson River to the Palisades.

virtual educator programs

Apr 15, 2021


Virtual Summer Program with Constitutional Scholars

This summer, educators can join other teachers from around the country and constitutional scholars from across the philosophical spectrum for virtual summer educator programs with the National Constitution Center.

african american history

Apr 15, 2021


Reference Center with Perspectives on African American and Global African History

The BlackPast provides a global audience with reliable and accurate information on the history of African Americans and of people of African ancestry around the world. The compilation and concentration of these diverse resources allow BlackPast to serve as the “Google” of African American history.

celebrate womens day

Mar 15, 2021


SPOTLIGHT! On Women Who Changed the World

International Women’s Day has been commemorated across the world on March 8 since 1911, and every United States President has marked March as Women’s History Month since 1995. Although the right to vote is a common topic of study in classrooms when students examine women’s history, many more issues, perspectives, and accomplishments require investigation across history, literature, and the arts to more fully appreciate and understand what women’s history in the United States encompasses. On the next page, you’ll find five sources for free lessons and other resources for diving deeply into women’s triumphs in every arena.


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