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Historical Interviews

Feb 15, 2016


Listen to Historically Significant Interviews

p>Over the course of his 45 years on WFMT radio in Chicago, Studs Terkel discussed every aspect of 20th-century life with movers, shakers, artists, and working folks. From civil rights to labor to jazz, Terkel’s work spanned an impressive array of topics and figures. These enchanting, historically significant interviews—which have been largely inaccessible to the public—will soon come to life in a new website hosting the comprehensive Studs Terkel Radio Archive.

Colonial Archives

Feb 15, 2016


Uncover the Story of America’s History

Harvard University has launched the Colonial North American Project digitizing almost half a million items from its 17th- and 18th-century archives—the largest digitizing effort the university has ever undertaken.

Civil Rights Movement

Feb 15, 2016


Delve into the Narrative of America’s Past

Making a Change, a learning module from Newseum Digital Classroom, explores how the First Amendment shaped the civil rights movement. Students can delve into hundreds of historical newspapers, videos, photographs, and more to find out how the five freedoms empowered people fighting for change—and those fighting against it.

Pompeij Exhibition

Feb 15, 2016


View the Destruction of Pompeii

A good disaster story never fails to fascinate—and given that it actually happened, the story of Pompeii especially so.

Civil War History Hallowed Ground

Jan 18, 2016


Connect Students to Local History

The Journey Through Hallowed Ground Partnership is a nonprofit organization consisting of more then 150 partnering organizations dedicated to preserving the historic, scenic, and educational integrity of the 180-mile stretch of land that runs from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, to Thomas Jefferson's Monticello in Charlottesville, Virginia. The national heritage area crosses four states—Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, and Virginia. 


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