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Special Needs

Special education, mental health, and Section 504 needs. Physical, behavioral, emotional, or learning needs requiring specialized services or accommodation.

Social Emotional Learning Mindfulness

Aug 23, 2018


Teacher Fellowships to Attend Mindfulness Workshops

The Hemera Foundation provides full fellowships for educators to attend the foundation’s workshops focused on mindfulness. The concept of this training is to help educators to be centered and well balanced, and in turn guide their students with special needs to be focused, engaged learners.

Lincoln Center Education hosts symposium on

May 15, 2018


SPOTLIGHT! On Making Art Special

The arts are universal. They can serve as a bridge to help students understand key information and demonstrate what they’ve learned, including students with special needs. However, it takes extra planning, flexibility, and creativity to make the arts accessible to students with disabilities.

Hear some inspiring thoughts on how to make art inclusive for all.

Writing IEPs Special Education

Apr 06, 2018


How I Destroyed the Rainforest

I am a special education teacher who is constantly looking for ways to improve my craft both in the classroom with students and at my desk with the daunting myriad of forms. There is no doubt that educators everywhere are overwhelmed with the ever growing need to manage and evaluate data. 

Grants for Special Needs Programs

Mar 22, 2018


Grants for Special Needs Programs

Innovating Worthy Projects Foundation provides financial grants for structuring, developing, or modifying special-needs children’s programs of organizations recognized as 501(c)(3) charities by the US Internal Revenue Service.


Mar 22, 2018


Document Manager with Built-in Capabilities for Personalization

Voice Dream Reader is a full-featured document manager that expands on the capabilities of built-in text-to-speech features with options for personalization, including fully customizable colors for word and sentence highlighting, masking to display only a few lines of text at a time, and support for dyslexia-friendly fonts.


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