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Citizen Science Projects

Oct 01, 2019


Citizen-Science Projects Contributing to Real Discoveries

In 2007 the Adler Planetarium and Oxford University in the UK founded Zooniverse—the world’s largest platform for people-powered research. Zooniverse connects everyday citizens with researchers to help classify galaxies, find new planets, explore the surface of the Moon, and complete dozens of original projects in astronomy, biology, science, and the humanities.

STEM Resources

Oct 01, 2019


Curriculum to Help Students Realize the Impact of STEM and Imagination

Electronics company RS Components in the UK has launched Imagine-X, a series of free curriculum-aligned resources that link STEM subjects to real people who have used their skills to make the world a better place—to broaden horizons, empower the disadvantaged, and diversify life choices.

Internet Monitoring

Oct 01, 2019


Parental Remote-Control App for Instant Screen Timeout

TekNekk is the world’s first Parental Remote-Control App protecting children’s minds, spines, and safety. Users can control a child’s phone from any device—as if using a TV remote control.

Samsung is giving away up to $3 million in prizes and selecting more winners than ever before.

Oct 01, 2019

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Tackle Local Issues, Win Technology Prizes

A win for your students, a win for you school, and a win for your community! Students can win a share of $3 million in prizes for their school and solve a problem facing their community—that’s a big STEM win! Samsung Solve for Tomorrow is celebrating 10 years of helping educators teach STEM while tackling local community issues and winning technology for their school. To celebrate, Samsung is giving away up to $3 million in prizes and selecting more winners than ever before. Submit your application to participate today.

Deadline: October 23, 2019, for applications

Top 5 Resources August 2019

Sep 20, 2019


Our Top Resources in August 2019

Each month we publish blogs and several newsletters full of digital learning, funding, professional growth, social media, and STEM resources. Below are items from our blogs and newsletters that educators turned to the most in August


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