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Interdisciplinary learning and applications of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

STEM and the nation's food system

Mar 16, 2020


Course on the Complexities of a Contemporary, Healthy Food System

FOOD Ed. is a national standards-aligned course that brings STEAM to life by exploring the complexities of the nation’s food system. The semester-long interdisciplinary course explores connections between food and culture, food and environment, and food and power.

STEM and ELL students

Mar 16, 2020


SPOTLIGHT! On Equitable Access to Science Materials

Building Science Literacy with Technology
Nationally, English learners (ELs) make up nearly 10 percent of preK–12 classrooms and almost 15 percent of urban classrooms, and these numbers are on the rise, according to research by the National Center for Education Statistics. Many supports are available for ELs, but the elementary science materials available are disproportionately directed toward grade-level readers. How can educators make access to science more equitable?

interest girls in data analytics

Mar 16, 2020


Workshops to Build Girls’ Interest in Careers in Data Analytics

The nonprofit girls + data is on a mission to increase youth data literacy and provide middle school girls with hands-on learning opportunities in STEM careers in data analytics.

robotics app

Mar 16, 2020


App Exploring Innovations in Robotics

iRobot is helping to drive STEM education programs in the iRobot Cool Stuff Museum, where students can explore the building blocks of the world’s coolest robots. A free iOS or Android app from Cuseum takes students on a tour of the museum, providing an opportunity to learn about iRobot’s rich history in robotics and gain inspiration.

Mar 13, 2020


Preparing for Coronavirus: How to Harness EdTech to Keep Students Learning During School Closures

As the coronavirus spreads, talk of school closings have increased. Schools near outbreaks in China, Italy, and parts of the US have already been closed to prevent the spread of the virus. Whether or not the virus effects your community, it is a good time to develop or review your plan in the event of a school closure for any number of reasons (including inclement weather, fires, or other unforeseen circumstances). Educational technology tools make it possible for your students to continue learning even when they can’t make it to class.


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