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Software and hardware for the classroom.

Jan 03, 2020


Educators of America MicroGrant Program

Outfitting a school or classroom with the correct technology resource can further the reach of teachers, enhance the skills of students, and create endless opportunities of education methods. Educators of America are driven to not only supply teachers and educators with the classroom technology they need but also train them to use it in the most effective ways possible.

Masters of Education in Learning and Technology

Jan 03, 2020

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Earn a Truly Tech-Savvy MEd Online

It’s in your nature to improve education at every level. It’s in ours too. That’s why Western Governors University (WGU) offers an accessible and respected online MEd program in Learning and Technology. What could an MEd do for you? Learn how to better integrate innovative technology into classroom curriculum. Improve your instructional skills. Enhance your own career development—all while you’re making education even more impactful for your students. Here’s what you can expect from WGU:

  • Affordable tuition. Low, flat-rate tuition is under $6,500 per year, about half of what you’d pay at other online universities.
  • Accredited programs. WGU holds the highest accreditation recognized by the US Department of Education.
  • Accelerated progress. WGU’s competency-based education model means you can move through coursework as quickly as you demonstrate mastery of the material.
  • Elevated Curriculum. Study instructional design, research fundamentals, and technology integration.

Social-emotional learning and technology

Dec 06, 2019


The Partnership of Technology and Social–Emotional Learning in Education

Students come to school with, as Dr. Adolph Brown describes, two backpacks. One of the backpacks contains academic tools, such as pencils, calculators, and textbooks, that represent their readiness to learn. The second backpack represents the invisible emotional weight that burdens each student entering our school buildings. Anxiety, stress, rage, self-doubt, and low self-worth resulting from bullying, child abuse, substance abuse, and neglect cannot be unpacked and shoved into a school locker. This backpack accompanies students throughout the school day and impacts their engagement, attentiveness, and interactions. Educators don’t always see the contents of this backpack, yet they witness its negative impact on student learning every day. So how can educators and leaders reach these students? How can we unburden them and teach them coping and relationship skills that allow them to participate in their education fully?

Teaching about world issues

Dec 02, 2019


Modules for Increasing Understanding of Issues That Shape Today’s World

World101, a program of the Council on Foreign Relations, offers a growing library of free multimedia resources that explain international affairs and foreign policy issues, helping students understand the basics of these topics, including why they matter and how they are relevant.

school networking toolkit

Nov 01, 2019


Toolkit to Help Districts Support Interoperability of Technology

The nonprofit Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) has released a toolkit to help K–12 school districts increase the interoperability of their academic and operational systems.


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