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Jun 01, 2021


Emergency Connectivity Fund Program

The Federal Communications Commission has adopted final rules to implement the Emergency Connectivity Fund (ECF) Program. This $7.17 billion program, funded by the American Rescue Plan, will enable schools and libraries to purchase laptop and tablet computers, Wi-Fi hotspots, and broadband connectivity for students, school staff, and library patrons in need as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

May 17, 2021


Time Travel Through the Ancient World of the Maya

TimeTours: Uxmal takes students on a virtual trip to the golden age of the Maya, using modern 3D reconstructions. The virtual trip through time brings the past to life in three spherical panoramas that put students right into several important locations of ancient Uxmal using the built-in compass feature.

Interactive technology promotes engagement and effective learning

Apr 15, 2021

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Interactive Technology That Promotes Engagement and Effective Learning

Dive into the power of interactivity with Samsung—why interactivity matters so much to effective learning and how prioritizing it engages students and improves learning outcomes. Uncover the science behind interactive learning and the key elements driving impact, as well as the principles of interactive learning and their ever-changing applications. Also explore how to capture students’ imaginations and drive meaningful outcomes. And review the importance of having technologies and methods that are simple to deploy, easy to use, and ready right out of the box.

Feb 15, 2021


Challenges Building Cybersecurity Skills in a Safe Environment

The biannual National Cyber League (NCL) Competition simulates real-life cyberthreats in a safe environment for high school students to learn how to defend organizations against such threats and keep them secure.

Feb 15, 2021


Grants to Help Students Think Critically and Solve Problems

The NEA Foundation’s Student Success grants fund projects that will stimulate students’ curiosity and help them become successful global citizens who are critical thinkers and problem solvers.


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