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Underserved Populations

Resources and opportunities targeting underrepresented groups such as minorities, women, LGBT, etc.

Oct 15, 2020


Evidence-based Practices for Addressing Chronic Stress in High-Crime Communities

The Trauma Responsive Educational Practices (TREP) Project was launched in 2016 by leading educators at The University of Chicago with a policy brief on the educational consequences of the chronic toxic stress of living in high-crime communities.

History Virtual Walking Tours

Oct 01, 2020


Walkathon to Support Education About African American History

Primary Source has announced HistoryThon, an opportunity to explore African American history while supporting teachers with the tools they need, at a time when outdoor activities are safest. Participants can choose where their journey will take them as they explore walks, trails, and sites of historical importance to the African American experience.

Sep 15, 2020


Tools, Links, and Useful Ideas for Celebrating Hispanic Heritage

National Hispanic Heritage Month, which takes place from September 15 to October 15 every year, is a time to recognize and celebrate the many contributions, diverse cultures, and extensive histories of the American Latino community. Hispanic influences are tightly knit in the fabric of American life—think music, food, art, cinema, politics, literature, and so much more.

Sep 15, 2020


Award Honoring Young Women for Computing Expertise

The National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) presents the Award for Aspirations in Computing (Award for AiC) to ninth- through twelfth-grade students who self-identify as women, genderqueer, or nonbinary for their computing-related achievements and interests, and encourages them to pursue their passions.

Sep 11, 2020


Providing Hands-on STEM Learning Experiences for All Students

This blog is the second in a series on the importance of mentoring girls and young women through a compassionate “lean-in” culture of practice. Check out the first post “Mentoring Girls and Young Women Through a Compassionate ‘Lean-In’ Culture of Practice.” This post will provide just-in-time resources to help you model how to provide access and equity to robust science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) resources for ALL students, and how to infuse hands-on STEM learning experiences throughout your subject areas and all K–12 grade-level bands.


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