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Underserved Populations

Resources and opportunities targeting underrepresented groups such as minorities, women, LGBT, etc.

Jun 15, 2020


Multiracial Community for Nurturing Resilience and Inclusion

EmbraceRace was founded in early 2016 by two parents (one Black, the other biracial, Black/White) who set out to create the community and gather the resources they needed (and still need) to meet the challenges they face raising children in a world where race matters.

math competition for girls

Jun 01, 2020


Challenge to Girls to Demonstrate Exceptional Math Talents

Each fall at MIT, nearly 300 young female mathematicians in grade 11 or below compete in Advantage Testing Foundation’s challenging test of mathematical creativity and insight. The goal is to promote gender equity in the STEM professions and to encourage young women with exceptional potential to become mathematical and scientific leaders.

digital equity in education and covid

May 15, 2020


Webcast on Equity Issues When Moving Instruction Online

The novel coronavirus pandemic set off a race for schools to launch remote learning efforts to keep children from falling behind. In “The Digital Divide and Remote Learning,” an episode of Harvard EdCast, Lecturer Uche Amaechi, EdD ‘16, illuminates the tension that arises for schools trying to find a balance in continuing education in equitable ways for all students.

college students tutor and mentor high school students

May 15, 2020


Online Tutoring Program Pairing K–12 Students with College Mentors

CovEducation, an online platform created by students from Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, pairs college undergraduate and postgraduate student mentors with K–12 students affected by school closures during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

find funding for food

May 15, 2020


COVID-19 Emergency School Nutrition Funding

GENYOUth is awarding grants of up to $3,000 to support emergency school nutrition programs in response to the novel coronavirus crisis. The grants are intended for resources and equipment for meal distribution and delivery.


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