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Webinar with 2014 Teacher of the Year

Defining Your Ability to be the Difference

Jan 20, 2015 2015-01-20

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Presented by Sean McComb, 2014 National Teacher of the Year

Teaching is one of the world's most complex crafts. How do great teachers reach the reluctant, capitalize on student capacities, and maximize learning? In this webinar, Sean McComb, 2014 National Teacher of the Year, will explore a range of strategies to answer such questions. From the cultivation of one's particular teaching persona to developing structures for continuous professional growth, this webinar will present lessons learned from the classroom. Join Sean as he leads a rich discussion on the question that drives his own work, "How do I cultivate an educational experience worthy of my students?" From strategies that can be applied in the classroom tomorrow to driving questions that will ruminate in the mind for months, K–12 educators from all subject areas will find this session both inspiring and practical. Sean will field questions from attendees at the end of his presentation.

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