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Webinar Shutterfly Photo Story App

Digital-Age Learners Use Shutterfly Photo Story to Share Digital Stories

Aug 20, 2014 2014-08-20

Sponsored by Shutterfly
Presented by Dr. Alice Christie, Arizona State University President’s Professor Emeritus

Storytelling is an ancient tradition that has evolved over many centuries. With digital tools, teachers and students now have the means to create stories and non-fiction narratives that will last beyond the spoken or written word and be published and shared with worldwide audiences. In this webinar, Dr. Alice Christie will explore writing through the lens of Shutterfly Photo Story, a free digital tool that supports student writers as they brainstorm, draft, compose, and publish their writing. Alice will provide strategies for you to help your students to create, connect, and communicate utilizing the Shutterfly Photo Story iPad app. She will cover:
  • How K-12 students can share their ideas in powerful digital formats that make stories or non-fiction writing memorable, forceful, and viewable by readers around the globe.
  • How to facilitate student writing that combines text, photos, artwork, and their voice to create digital stories or nonfiction accounts.
  • How to empower your students to become content creators who can share their digital stories with family members, friends, and other students around the world.
Learn how digital-age students can create stories or non-fiction accounts to communicate their ideas, and connect with others in ever-expanding circles.

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