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Webinar on Setting Up a Classroom

Yikes, I Have Two Days or Less to Set Up My Classroom!

Aug 11, 2014 2014-08-11

Sponsored by Quill
Presented by Leona White, second grade teacher at Samuel Tucker Elementary School in Alexandria, Virginia

In this webinar, second grade teacher Leona White will present tips to organize and setup your classroom in a minimal amount of time without adding more stress to your life as the new school year approaches. Experienced teachers and first year teachers alike contemplate how they are going to organize their classrooms every new school year. Leona will share a collection of classroom themes that will enhance learning and give your students a sense of ownership of their classroom. Keep you and your students organized and excited for the year with themes like Community, Recycling, Up-cycling, or Hollywood. Leona also will share websites, free apps, and printable materials that you can download to use in your classroom and easily start using right away. As an added bonus, attendees will learn how Leona recruits high school students to help setup her classroom. Join Leona on August 11th for fresh ideas, quick tips, new classroom themes, and technology-infused ideas to make this coming school year the best one ever for you and your students!

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